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Area : 28.748 sq. km. Population: 3.500.000 Local time : GTM +1 ( GTM+2 between the end of April and the end of October ) Capital : Tirana ( population 553.435 ) Language : Albanian ( part of Indo – Europian family) Political System : Parlamentary Republic Religion : Muslim, Orthodox and Catholic Airport : Rinas ( Mother Teresa) Railways : 447 km


Geography and Borders


Albania situated on a border with Montenegro and Kosovo to the North and North East, FYR Macedonia to the East and Greece to the South. It is washed by the Adriatic and Ionian seas to the West and separated from Italy through the straight of Otranto, of 82 km. Albania surprises the tourists with the diversity of its landscapes, which change quickly and dramatically. Landscapes range from typical Mediterranean in West and South West , to mixed landscapes in central area, to steep mountains in the inner part of country. On the beautiful coast virgin and fine sandy and pebble beaches are to be found. The country is jeweled with plenty of beautiful inland lakes, natural lagoons, reserves, hunting grounds and SPA.




Albania has Mediterranean climate bescause of its muontainous character and broken relief , the climate varies throughuot the country. Albania is characterized by hot and dry summers, with bright sunny days and generally mild winters with abundant rainfalls. In Albanian Alps,in the northern part, the winters are cold and summers chilly. Normally the period from June to September is characterized by hot and sunny whether, while from October to May the weather is cool and wet. Notwithstanding that Albanian beauty can be appreciated around the year the best months to visit Albania are April, May and June as well as the period from mid-October. Required clothing : light clothing in summer and warm clothing in winter.



The banknotes are in denominations of Lek 5000, 1000, 500, 200, and 100. Coins are in denominations 50, 20, 10 and 5 Lek.

Currency Exchange : Many exchange bureaux will change foreign currency, but Banks offer the best exchange rates about 138 Leke per 1 Euro and 100 Leke per 1 US Dollar with slight variations


Local Time

GTM 1 ( GTM +2 between the end of April and the end of October)  

Postal and Communication Services

Country code: ++355

City Codes are : Tirana 4, Durres 52, Elbasan 54, Shkodra 22, Gjirokaster 84, Korca 82, Vlora 33, Berat 32, Fier 34, Kavaje 574, Pogradec 832, Kukes 242, Kruje 511. Central post offices operate in Tirana , Durres and other cities performing a very fast service between Albania and other countries. The majority of accommodations have telecommunication services. How to come in Albania

• By Air • By Sea • By Road


Cities of Interest

• Apollonia • Berat • Butrinti • Durres • Gjirokastra • Korca • Kruja • Pogradec • Saranda • Shkodra • Tirana • Vlora • Bajram Curri


Archeological Cities

• Apollonia • Butrinti • Antigonea • Bylis


Natural Resources

• National Park of Lura • National Park of Llogara • National Park of "pisha e Divjakes" • Mount Dajti National Park • National Park of Thethi • National Park of "Lugina e Valbones" • Balcanic Park of Prespa • Blue Eye



All personal items, new or old may be taken in Albania without incurring custom duties. A reasonable amount of tobacco , beverages and perfumes for personal use is allowed.

Prohibited items: Firearms, ammunition, narcotics, drugs and goods jeopardizing the observance of public order and social security.

Special exports permits are required for precious metals, ancient coins and scroll, antiques, books and works of art , which are considered to be part of national culture and heritage

Destination in KM

Durres - Rrogozhine 34 km

Durres - Lushnje 49 km

Durres - Fier 78 km

Durres - Mallakaster 104 km

Durres - Tepelene 163 km

Durres - Gjirokaster 190 km

Durres - Kakavia 230 km

Durres - Igumenitca 350 km

Igumenitca – Kufi(Q.Bode)40 km

Kufi (Q.Bode)- Butrint 20 km

Butrint - Sarande 20 km

Saranda - Borsh 35 km

Borsh - Himara 18 km

Himar - Dhermi 22 km

Dhermi - Vlora 52 km

Vlora - Fier 33 km

Fier - Lushnje 15 km

Lushnje - Tirane 95 km

Tirane - Durres 39 km

Tirane - Kruje 39 km

Public Holidays

January 1&2 New Year’s Day

March 14 Summer Day

March 22 Nevruz Day

March 23 Easter Catholic

April 27 Easter Orthodox

May 01 Labor Day

September 30 Last day of Ramadan

October 19 The Beatification Day of Mother Teresa

November 28 Independence Day

November 29 Liberation Day

December 08 The day of Curban Bajram

December 25 Christmas Day

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